We have new gear in stock!

American vintage trailers from the 60s!

We simply couldn’t resist their raw charm, we just had to get them, and now we want to share them with you!

If you want to draw attention at an event, an exhibition, a festival, or something else, you now have the opportunity to rent this completely unique vintage trailer.

Whether you need an extra meeting space, a cozy lounge, or a small intimate stage, contact us to hear more!

Airstreams were originally manufactured in the USA back in the 60s, and there are only a few of these in Denmark, most of which are stationary.

In addition to this one, which is already road-ready, we are working on preparing two more during the winter, so by spring, we can offer a complete Airstream family. Follow the process here or on our social media.

/ Circle Company, we meet you where you are.