we want to take responsibility

At Circle Company, we are dedicated to being an environmentally conscious and sustainable business partner. We take part in the shared responsibility of creating a greener future by focusing on sustainability as well as social and societal responsibility. As an agency, we always strive to have the latest knowledge so that we can consistently build and deliver events that meet environmental requirements and guidelines.

Our commitment is constant, and our ambitions in this area are high. We are aware that sustainability is a journey, and we are all still learning and becoming wiser in this field. We believe that every step towards more sustainable and responsible events is a step in the right direction.

We are working on improving our sustainability efforts and aim to involve more suppliers and partners who share our ambitions in this regard.

It is you as a customer who makes the choice

We have put together various options so that you, as a customer, can pick directly from the buffet and choose exactly what creates value for you

Recycling & reuse

We have high ambitions to incorporate as much recycling and reuse as possible in our production for all our events. Similarly, we prioritize suppliers who share the same values in this regard. This makes it easy for you as a customer to choose the sustainable solution.

As one of the few agencies, we have our own inventory of furniture, interior, and decorations. When we acquire new items, our focus is to find things that can be used again and given new life in fresh ways.

We have a creative DNA that is expressed in our continuous quest for cool recycled materials or materials that we can reuse ourselves.

We always offer options like reusable glassware and washable cups. This is one of the many recycling opportunities we provide to our customers

waste sorting

We provide you with the option to choose a green solution. We make it easy by offering waste sorting for both guests and backstage, so we can actively contribute to the green transition together.

Regardless of the size of your event, we create the framework for a responsible experience. Let your guests be a part of the change – it makes a difference for all of us!

Did you know that in many municipalities, it is a requirement to use washable cups and biodegradable or recyclable tableware?

Optimizing resources reduces waste

When planning events, festivals, concerts, or other gatherings, we have a range of options and measures that contribute to reduced waste, such as:

For our closed events, we order food for the exact number of guests who have registered. We are very skilled at planning and estimating the amount of food needed.

For events requiring extra toilet capacity, you can choose to use vacuum toilets instead of water-flushing toilets.

We collaborate with suppliers who make it easier for you to make green choices.

Organic & Local Suppliers

  • We always offer, in collaboration with our culinary team, a delicious meal primarily composed of local, seasonal ingredients with a high organic percentage. In addition, you can always choose to add organic draft beer and wine.For our bottled water, we have chosen a local supplier that uses wind energy in production, and their packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic.

Reduce CO2 emissions

We aim to act responsibly and, therefore, strive to choose solutions that reduce the overall CO2 emissions.

As a starting point, we always use LED lighting, and for outdoor summer events, we extensively use solar-powered lights for illumination.

We prioritize collaborating with transportation providers who have the ambition to reduce their CO2 emissions and operate on biodiesel or electric vehicles.

Social responsibility

  • For our open events, we collaborate with food banks and homeless organizations to ensure that any surplus food is donated to them. We believe that surplus food should feed mouths and not go to waste. We prioritize local suppliers, thereby supporting the local economies. We’ve had the pleasure of creating the framework for events like the Youth Red Cross’s Christmas bingo, where we provided volunteer staff and donated materials and ingredients. Similarly, on several occasions, we have donated beverages for charity events for Street Children. These are just a few examples of the donations we have made for charitable purposes. We engage our customers in choosing more sustainable solutions, such as creating incentives for reuse and recycling at their events.

We make an effort to find sustainable products and solutions that create value for our customers and each individual event. The choice is yours!