The history behind

How it all started

The company had its early start in 2010 when former owners, Martin Abild Jensen and Mikkel Schrøder Uldal, came up with the idea to start their own event agency. It all began in their garage, where they purchased various small items to help their first customers get their events off the ground. With Martin’s background and network from Parken Sport & Entertainment, combined with Mikkel’s acting background, things quickly took off.

There came a time where the company gained so much momentum that Mikkel chose to resign from his position to focus on his acting career. From 2010 to 2014, Martin had various partners in the company. In 2014, Tina Mølgaard began working on some freelance projects for Circle Company until she bought 50% of the company in 2018.

In 2022, four years later, the partnership between the two partners ended as Tina took over 100% of the company’s shares and became the sole owner.

where we are today

Today, the company’s staff consists of a production manager, a marketing and some responsible, and Tina herself, the owner and director of the company. In addition to the three daily faces at the office, we employ a wide range of freelancers, including coordinators, waiters, interns, and hands for setup and dismantling, among similar positions. Resources sourced externally and whom on a daily basis are considered part of the Circle Company – also among clients

Today, Circle Company primarily offers events that address to the larger gatherings. The company’s services are broad and include everything from product launches, conferences, competencies days, project management consulting, to various types of parties such as summer parties, Christmas parties, and anniversaries.

The company is driven by sky-high ambitions and is strengthened by strong relationships with customers and other partners.