Project management and consulting

Coaching in project management and consulting

Do you have a dream of hosting your own event? But do you lack the necessary skills to make the dream come true? Then you have come to the right place.

We offer both professional project management and consulting to those of you who wish to host an event. Our services include everything from uncovering your opportunities, such as practicalities, locations, permits, and setup. We ensure the development of a thorough project plan, timelines, and budgets, so you can feel safe and know what will happen and when.

We cover the missing competencies

We are here to combine your strengths with ours and create a strong alliance that can take your project to new heights.

When you agree to a partnership with us, we offer a 360-degree analysis of the event and creates a team of collaborators and specialists who can solve parts of the task in shorter or longer periods depending on which competencies you are missing.

We take you by the hand all the way as your partner and personal adviser.

Our value proposition to you

We understand that no two dreams are alike, which is why we always see you as unique. Our focus is always on your individual wants and needs, and by using these we create the strongest foundation for providing the best advice. It all depends on thorough preparation, which is what makes the big difference in delivering valuable output. We collaborate with you on creative ideas and developing specific areas and tasks, as well as ensuring the implementation of your organization’s DNA.

We can’t do everything alone, but together, we can do anything.