Director and owner

“For me, work is a way of life. There is no delicate balance between my private life and my working life – that boundary has long been blurred, and that’s how I thrive”.

Tina grew up in the countryside, where a deal is a deal and hard work is done to ”bring in the harvest before the rain comes.” Both of her parents were self-employed, and it’s a significant part of the family’s DNA. 

With an exciting and varied professionel background, which started 25 years ago with an education in decoration, Tina developed a genuine passion for creativity, which still holds true in everything she does today. 

Tina has since worked for and collaborated with many prominent danish companies, and she knows what it means to be on both sides of the table. She easily identifies challenges and loves solving them. 

With her enviable drive and enthusiasm, working on a project with Tina is never boring.


Production manager

After a valued collaboration in recent years, we found it quite natural that Morten should be part of the Circle Company family as production manager.

With many years of experience within the concert industry, logistics and production, as well as a fantastic drive and the ability to create strong relationships, Morten has become an important part of the company.

Morten is used to leading and putting together a large and efficient team, volunteers as well as professionals, and is incredibly well-liked among the people he associates with. He is very pragmatic and goes above and beyond to accommodate his customers, which is a quality that fits in very well with the values of Circle Company.


Marketing & some responsible

“I’m hard-working, stubborn, and I have a really good sense of humor”

With the titel Cand. Mag. in Design Management such as a bachelor’s degree in branding and marketing, combined with a curly brain and strong communicative skills, the position was tailor-made for Amalie.

By juggling between a full-time study, a position at Circle Company, and the role of a mother to a 4-year-old, she has gotten used to a high pace and mastering many areas of responsibility.

“I am a perfectionist to the fingertips, and I am rarely completely satisfied – right there I am very much like my boss.”