A desire to bring people together

An equestrian event was created in collaboration with a top tuned organization within equestrian sports, which they have done before for UG together with their strong team of professionals.

This time with a different desire to reach a wider audience and gather people and guests, including those outside the horse world. In order to reach the goal of their wish, they approached us for a talk about how to reach a wider audience and thus create greater interest in equestrian sports. We met for brainstorming meetings, where we narrowed down the many good ideas that came to the table, after which we selected the best.

A diverse four-day festival

In alliance with us, we created a four-day festival site with lots of exciting points in addition to the convention program itself. The program included:

Folk dinner with entertainment, gin tasting, car auction and a family and children’s day. We established a nature playground with the opportunity to roast sausages and marshmallows over a fire with the help of local scouts, build holes in straw bales, get face painted and much more. A cool rider’s lounge and a food court with various food offerings, as well as a wine and gin bar, were built, stacked on the legs of good collaborators from the food scene.

Our role

We were there from start to finish, where we took care of all the practical things that didn’t rhyme with horses and the event itself. We were responsible for project management, design of audience areas with lounge, food and drink, design and construction of nature playground including approvals and permits. We supplied lounge furniture, bars, chandeliers etc. and entered into supplier agreements. We took care of the planning and execution of all the small sub-events, including the folk dinner, gin tasting and much more. In short: we were involved from the first pencil line on the drawing until all the equipment was gone from the site.

An event that focused on local cohesion and an inclusive space for everyone.